Pipo - Producer, Songwriter and Singer

Filippo also known as Pipo is a multitalented producer, songwriter and singer who has launched his first debut EP at the age of 16! His music is creative, passionate and energetic. At a very young age he played drums on shoe boxes then moved up to an electronic drum kit and most recently to a Pearl drum set. Pipo is a self taught musician who writes, produces and sings. He most recent work includes Pop music however he enjoys many styles of genre. Pipo today is preparing to launch a list of singles beginning with "Take My Hand". The song features catchy melodies with deep hooks. "Take My Hand" a creative production shows why Pipo is one of the most talented emerging artist today.  "Take My Hand" follows Pipo's single "On Me" launched in March 2016 and his 2015 EP "We The Pipo" featuring the hit single "She Calls", Pipo's breakout song, "Battle" and the fan favorite track, "How To Love"' most of which have a music videos viewable from Pipo's website.

Today Pipo's music is quickly growing popularity around the world via internet Radio Play. He is currently working on shooting music videos, producing his second E.P. and co-writing with other artist.  Pipo with his latest work "Take My Hand"  demonstrates his passion for music and distinctive sound. Today it is just the beginning for Pipo with  more to come from his creative Pipo Beats!



"We Doin It Big This Time"

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YouTube -- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0O5emDNzOcxqz51nmpyg6w Twitter -- https://twitter.com/filipp0_gabella Instagram -- https://instagram.com/pipobeats/ Facebook -- https://www.facebook.com/Pipobeatsmusic?ref=tn_tnmn