Happy New Year!!!!!! I have grand plans for 2018!!!!!! I have produced and wrote a bunch  of new songs! You are going to love them! This is the year I will break all of my past records. I look forward in meeting at one of my shows. Stay in touch! Pipo

Nadie Te Quiere Como Yo - SINGLE COMING OUT on  I Tunes ! - Next week! The ever popular spanish song by Pipo Nadie Te Quiere Como Yo (Nobody Loves You Like I do) will be available on I Tunes next week! Pipo continues to master his craft and now is Spanish. The Spanish song is romantic with  catchy melodies. Have a listen!

Pipo's  newest single  “What You Need” is emotionally charged  with a mind blowing mix of modern funk. This single brings back funk from the past!

Been working on new music and I am excited to say"Take My Hand" is out know!

Just shot a video for one of my upcoming singles Back Now! Stay tuned for the release! Thanks for your support Pipo

(PASADENA, CA – JANUARY 20, 2016) – Singer, songwriter and producer Pipo announces the release of his new single, “On Me”. Featuring upbeat, catchy melodies, deep hooks and creative production, “On Me” shows why Pipo is one of the most talented emerging artists today.  “On Me” is available now on I Tunes. 

Hello my Pipo! Arrived a few days ago from Chile and had great time! I am thankful and so lucky to be able to share my music with the world. Thank you for your awsome support!


Just got back from South America Chile  and I am excited for 2016! Have new music, videos and merchandise coming your way! Look out for my new single "On Me" you are going to like it! I promise! 


Just got done shooting a music video for my next single "On Me" You will be in for a surprise! Hope to have the video and single out before the end of the year.  My fans you are the best! AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody! Excited to let you know I have new material coming out!  Singles and music videos! Thanks for your support! Pipo 

Well GREAT NEWS! Now available for purchase are hoodies, T-Shirt and CD.  And dont forget the CD come autograph! 

Thank you kindly for your support!

P.S. Only available for delivery in the U.S.A

Hello my PIPO, just came back from a trip, getting ready to start up on some new music. Also just worked on a script for a new music video we will be shooting in a few weeks! Btw, Great news regarding my merchandise! Stay tuned to get the details!

Hello my people! Excited to launch my EP - titled "We The Pipo".  Also check my upcoming video for "How To Love".  Cheers!

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